Sally O-J Portraits; Website & PR use; Clifton Street, Brighton; 6th May 2015. © Pete Jones pete@pjproductions.co.uk

Photo: © Pete Jones pete@pjproductions.co.uk

I’m a freelance literary editor and writer’s mentor, based in Brighton.   I grew up in rural West Sussex by the sea, but after many years in London, I returned to the seaside in 2001.  My daughter was born in 2005.

My full surname is Orson-Jones, but I have used O-J since my friends at school decided it was less of a mouthful!

I started my career at the BBC and was on the collective of the first incarnation of the young woman’s magazine Shocking Pink.  I then worked for bands, record companies, MTV and finally the music research organisation, MRIB.  One of the bands I worked for was The Slits, and I worked with Viv Albertine on her autobiography Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys, which came out in June 2014.

Since 1998, I have worked with a wide range of authors, with experience ranging from absolute beginners to TV scriptwriter Lilie Ferrari and Booker Prize shortlisted novelist Sarah Waters.  I have worked with Sarah on all of her books, beginning with Tipping The Velvet, before she had an agent or publisher.

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